West Suites
The nine West Suites are nestled right under the Press Box level. 
Loge Boxes
There are 66 loge boxes spread across the South End Zone, ranging from 4 to 8 seats each.
South Suites
There are 20 18-seat suites located on the top level of the new South End Zone. 
East Suites
Built during the 2003 rennovation, the 54 East Suites seat 18 to 24 guests.
East Club
This standalone Club spans the entire East sideline in Sections 124-135.
Santee Lounge
Exclusive access for guests in Rows 59 through 71 between Sections 3-8.
South Club
Guests seated in Rows A through AA in Sections 42-46 have access to both the Upper Club on the 3rd Level and the MidFirst Bank Club on the 2nd Level.